3rd meeting of countries supporting Ukraine's peace formula held in Malta

  • 2023-10-31
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The third international meeting on Ukraine's proposed peace formula and principles of peace restoration was held in Valletta over the weekend under the leadership of Ukraine and Malta.

Representatives of 66 countries and international organizations participated in the meeting.

Estonia was represented at the meeting by Celia Kuningas-Saagpakk, the foreign affairs adviser to the Estonian president, and Marge Mardisalu-Kahar, head of the Foreign Ministry's department for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, spokespeople for the president's office said.

According to Kuningas-Saagpakk, the number of countries supporting the Ukrainian peace formula is constantly expanding and the meeting is an important step towards creating a just and lasting peace.

"The meeting in Malta had a very wide global representation of countries. It gave a good view of the problems associated with Russian aggression from a different angle. There is full agreement on the most important issues, foremost that peace must be based on respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the essential principles contained in the UN Charter," Kuningas-Saagpakk said.

The Valletta meeting was a continuation of the recent meetings between Ukraine and international partners, which took place on June 24 in Copenhagen and on August 5 in Jeddah. The meetings focused on discussions on the principles on the basis of which a comprehensive, just and lasting peace should be achieved for Ukraine. It must be based on the principles of the UN Charter, respect for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, UN General Assembly resolutions and international law.

Last weekend's meeting focused on the following areas: nuclear and radiation safety, food security, energy security, the release of all prisoners and deportees, and the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity. The initiative to hold a public global peace summit at the level of heads of state and government was also discussed.