2+2 rule to be replaced by dispersion requirement

  • 2020-06-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian government decided to ease the restrictions currently in place and replace the 2+2 rule with a dispersion requirement to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

As the prevalence of the coronavirus remains low, the government has decided to further ease the restrictions, Prime Minister Juri Ratas said on social media.

From June 19, the 2+2 rule, according to which people are allowed to move around either alone or in pairs and must keep a distance of two meters from others, will be replaced by a dispersion requirement, which means that a safe distance must be maintained from others whenever possible both indoors and outdoors.

Dispersion requirements will replace adherence to the 2+2 rule in public spaces, including sales and service halls and spaces at shopping centers in public use as well as at casinos and slot machine halls. Dispersion must also be ensured at public events, public meetings and religious services.

The requirement will apply in public saunas, spas, pools, water parks as well as bowling and billiards establishments and children's playrooms. It will also apply in basic schools, high schools, vocational education institutions and higher education institutions, hobby schools and open youth centers. It will also extend to children's camps and student camps, sports, museums and exhibitions.

From 1 July, nightclubs, hookah cafes and adult clubs may be reopened provided that the operator ensures the dispersion of those present, a capacity rate of 50 percent, the attendance of a maximum of 100 people and compliance with disinfection requirements.

The government also decided unanimously that the Health Board should publish guidelines on how we can protect ourselves and others from infection in public places. These include, for example, keeping a distance, using disinfectant and carrying out regular cleaning.