12th Saeima passed more bills than previous Saeima

  • 2018-11-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA – The 12th Saeima since it convened on November 4, 2014, has passed in total 990 bills, which is more than the previous parliament, the Saeima press service reported.

The 12th Saeima adopted 187 new bills and amended 803 bills, and also revised 11 bills.

During this time, 188 parliament sittings were held, including 151 regular sittings, 21 extraordinary sittings and eight extraordinary sessions, as well as eight solemn meetings,

During the office of the 12th Saeima, 1,190 bills have been sent to parliament committees, including 883 bills submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers, 191 bills by Saeima committees, 113 bills by Saeima lawmakers, and three bills by the Latvian president.

In total, the parliament reviewed 21,652 proposals submitted for the second and third readings of bills.

The most active speaker among MPs was Ivars Zarins (Harmony), who took the floor 328 times, followed by Valdis Kalnozols (Greens/Farmers) with 238 times, Artuss Kaimins (KPV LV) with 191 times, Inguna Sudraba (To Latvia From The Heart) with 199 times, Juris Vilums (Latvian Alliance of Regions) with 186 times, and Igors Pimenovs (Harmony) who spoke 176 times.

The 11th Saeima adopted 910 bills, including 129 new bills and amendments to 781 bills. The 11th Saeima held 151 sittings in total.