10 Universities in Lithuania with Low Tuition Fees

  • 2021-12-13

Lithuania is a country with great study opportunities for international students. It is a developed nation with a strong economy. Lithuania is among the best countries with a lower cost of living despite its modernity. It has beautiful landscapes, therapeutic forests, and lakes, making it an interesting place to live and study. 

Lithuania has top-rated universities with 300+ programs in different study levels. You can apply for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees. Thus, finding your dream course is relatively easy since you can study in English. 

If you are a student looking for universities with cheap tuition fees, Lithuania is the place to be. You can access quality education at an affordable cost. Still, sometimes, you may not have time to complete assignments. In this case, you can find a reliable write my paper on PaperWriter service to get quality papers. Hiring an essay writer will free up time and allow you to explore Lithuania. 

We have compiled a list of cheap universities in Lithuania to help you make the right choice.

Klaipeda University 

Klaipeda University is a cheap institution that started operations in 1991. Due to its low tuition fees and diverse cultures, it has been home to more than 34,000 international students. 

The institution offers education in multiple disciplines with numerous courses in competitive fields. You can study applied sciences, humanities, engineering, and social sciences. International students can choose a wide array of different courses and excel in the job market. That is why Klaipeda is a dream university for students globally.

Graiciunas School of Management

Another university providing affordable learning is the Graiciunas School of Management. It opened its doors in 1993 and has become a world-class management school.

Graiciunas is, without a doubt, the best school to cultivate soft and business skills. You can study international business, accounting, law, business management, and other lucrative courses here. Take note that students who graduate from this school become effective leaders and teachers.

So, if you want a cheap business school with top-quality education, try Graiciunas School. The low cost of around 1600 EUR per academic year makes it a favorite for many students.

European Humanities University

European Humanities is a private university in Lithuania that was founded in the ’90s. It has a reputation as one of the top-rated universities. It caters to local and international students. You can study various degree courses from undergraduate right to the postgraduate level. As the name suggests, it is a center for humanities and social sciences disciplines.

There is a wide array of other rewarding graduate programs for students. You can study international law, EU law, media, communication, tourism, and cultural heritage here to earn a reputable degree and get an advantage in further career. 

Aleksandras Stulginskis University

Established in 1924, Aleksandras Stulginskis was initially an agricultural school. Now, the university focuses on technology, social studies, and biomedicine. It offers competitive undergraduate and master’s programs to local and international students. Some of the courses offered include

- applied ecology;

- rural development administration;

- agricultural mechanical engineering;

- hydraulic engineering. 

Currently, the student population of the university exceeds 6,000 individuals. International students pay around 3,000 EUR per year as tuition fees, which is reasonable. 

Lithuanian Sports University

Sports enthusiasts can enroll at Lithuanian Sports University to pursue athletic education. It is a renowned university offering an affordable tuition fee of around 2000 EUR per year. After graduation, you can continue a sports career or start your sports business. Besides, you can get employed as a sports manager, administrator, or agent. 

Apart from sports studies, students get access to other programs. You can pursue business management and social sciences. Studying at Lithuanian Sports University is equally affordable and rewarding. 

LCC International University

LCC is the best university to study at if you are an international student. It is cheap and enrolls people from all over the world. Many students love the campus because it has foreign faculty members. Also, the classes are small to give learners a practical learning approach. LCC is widely known for providing economic and business administration courses.

Mykolas Romeris University

If you are an international student looking for a top university, Mykolas Romeris is the best pick. It is the largest institution with two campuses in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania. The government made it a State university in 1991, and it has grown in popularity immensely. 

It is home to both local and international students. Besides, it is a cheap university with undergraduate and master’s degree programs. You can study tourism, psychology, business, communication, politics, etc. 

Vilnius University of Applied Sciences 

Students who want to pursue science courses can join Vilnius University. It is among the leading institutions offering quality science education. Graduates from this school get lucrative employment positions in science-related organizations. 

Moreover, it is an affordable institution with competitive undergraduate programs. You can study business economics, tourism management, software engineering, banking, etc. Undergraduate programs’ cost ranges from 2,200 EUR to 2,900 EUR per year.

Kaunas University of Technology 

Kaunas University of Technology is among the largest institutions in Lithuania. It was established in 1922 and has grown to become a technology hub. 

Students can access a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Out of 122 programs, the professors teach 56 courses in English. You can study social sciences, mathematics, informatics, engineering, and chemical technology. Kaunas is a go-to university for tech students. 

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

You can apply to join the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences if you want to study medicine. It is a medical institution located in Kaunas. Many students consider it an affordable university compared to other medical schools. You can study physiotherapy, health psychology, occupational therapy, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine.

In a Nutshell

Lithuania is an ideal destination for those willing to pursue higher education at the European level. Apart from paying low tuition fees, you can easily afford the cost of living. Besides, you will secure a lucrative job because the degrees are acceptable globally. Apply now and enroll in an affordable university to study your dream course.