What Is the Nordic Empire and Other New Baltic Options in Hearts of Iron IV?

  • 2021-06-02

Heart of Iron IV is a strategy war game that was released by Paradox Interactive in 2016, as the fourth installment in this popular series. Players get to take control of different nations in the crucial period leading up to WWII, and the arrival of new Baltic options will soon make it even more interesting.

The New Ways of Playing

With well over a million copies of the game sold, it is clear that Hearts of Iron IV has been hugely popular. However, the development team has recently been showing off some of the additions to be featured in their expansion pack that is due out soon.

Among the most keenly-awaited changes are those that affect the Eastern Front. Those players who want to control the destiny of Poland can now look at options such as restoring their own monarchy to the throne, joining forces with France, or joining the communist bloc.

The developers then went on to show us what you can expect to be able to do with Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia under your control. If you decide to go with Lithuania, you can bring back the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or else reclaim lost territory to get Greater Lithuania back on the map.

Estonia has possibly the most exciting options, as you can turn it into a fascist regime before heading into Finland to start a revolution. This gives the tantalizing prospect of creating a Nordic Empire with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland all in it. Or you could take on the Soviet Union by building an empire based on the Finnic population in Russia. 

Anyone who wants to play as Latvia has the chance to create RK-Ostland as their territory, which would be a part of the German empire. They would then take on the responsibility of overseeing and controlling the entire Baltic region on behalf of their German allies. 

There will be a Focus Tree option for players who use any of these Baltic states, with a chance to create the Baltic Socialist Republic as a communist regime and create a different version of Baltic history. At the time of writing, no date has yet been confirmed for the release of this expansion pack.

Other Ways to Enjoy Playing Games Set in This Region

The Baltic region has traditionally been the setting for war games such as the Command & Conquer series and Battlefield 1. The huge strategic importance of this part of the world means that it is ideal for strategy games and other war-based titles where the player can change the course of history with their decisions.

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For a different approach, you could try Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy by High Moon Studios. This is an action stealth game from 2008 that is based on the book of the same name. Part of the plot sees the main character recall how we had a mission to assassinate a former army official at Vilnius University in Lithuania.

Games set in the Baltic region give us a chance to explore one of the planet’s most strategic and richly historic areas. For this reason, the updated Hearts of Iron IV is sure to be warmly welcomed.