We will next year identify state institutions where salary levels are too low - Citskovskis

  • 2019-11-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Currently, the State Chancellery is in the process of adjusting the remuneration regulation of state institutions and reviewing their internal processes, while next year it is planned to identify those public and state institutions where salary levels are too low, the director of the State Chancellery Janis Citskovskis told the LNT television channel this morning.

He explained that improving legislation and reviewing institutional work is the first step in straightening out the system, but the next step will be to identify those institutions that need more financing to raise salaries.

Asked whether these institutions have been identified, Citskovskis said that they have not. '''We have not yet started the second part of this process, where we identify the institutions where salaries must be raised. We will complete the first part, where we plan to straighten out the necessary legislation, and then look into where we can raise public sector salaries that are too low,'' he said.

According to Citskovskis, it is planned to identify state institutions and sectors where salaries are too low next year - around the time when work on the 2021 state budget will start.