Use of tactical nuclear weapons would only increase the cost of Russia's loss - Sarts

  • 2022-10-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The use of tactical nuclear weapons alone would speed up Ukraine's victory in the war with Russia, but the price of the war would increase for everyone, Janis Sarts, the head of NATO's Strategic Communication Center of Excellence, emphasized on his Twitter account.

He believes that Russia will lose this war and at the moment it is inevitable. The counter attacks launched by Ukraine will continue, and Russia, which has neither technology, nor commanders, nor supplies, has nothing to counter these attacks.

The expert emphasizes that the previously announced mobilization in Russia shows that it will not save the situation, but may worsen it.

"The use of tactical nuclear weapons would not change the outcome of the war, it would only accelerate it, increasing the price of the war for everyone," says Sarts, adding that by continuing this war every day, Russia is increasing the price it pays for itself. People are dying, and more will continue to die, the foundations of the economy are crumbling, discontent is rising, and so is the possibility of internal collapse.

Sarts believes that if Russia saw the reality, then the war should end today, because every next day will be worse than the previous one. However, according to the expert, such an action by Russia is impossible, because the Russian elite is unable to admit defeat in the war, as well as losing the war would mean the fall of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the system currently built in Russia is not ready for this.