Too early to judge whether smoke detectors have improved fire statistics - Fire and Rescue Service

  • 2020-02-11
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Two months since the new fire safety requirements came into force, it is too early to judge whether the requirement for mandatory smoke detectors in every home has improved fire statistics, the State Fire and Rescue Service's deputy chief Kristaps Eklons said in an interview with TV3 this morning.

Eklons thanked retail outlets for offering a great variety of smoke detectors for customers to choose from. However, it is not yet possible to draw any conclusions as to whether this has led to fewer fires with casualties. Such conclusions could be made next year, believes Eklons.

He added that, even though the requirements stipulate that there should be at least one smoke detector in each apartment, residents should actually install the detectors in every room where people sleep or rest.

As reported, the new fire safety requirements that came into force on January 1 require all private homes and apartments to be equipped with smoke detectors, and owners of private homes also have to have a fire extinguisher at home.