The upgraded exhibition “The End of the War in Kurzeme” opened in Ezere Customs House

  • 2021-12-21

The upgraded exhibition "The End of the War in Kurzeme" was officially opened on 13 December at the Ezere Customs House, a repository of cultural history and local history materials in Ezere within the framework of the Estonia-Latvia cross-border cooperation programme project "Military Heritage". It reflects the events leading up to the end of World War II. On 8 May 1945, the Act of Surrender of the German troops surrounded in the Kurzeme Cauldron was signed in this building.

The exhibition is multi-layered and aimed at a wide range of visitors. Foreign visitors can also find the content in English, but in order to appeal to history enthusiasts, the in-depth part of the exhibition offers specific, detailed information on the army units of the belligerents in Kurzeme at the end of WW II.

Through artistic means, appropriate colour palette, battle diagrams, video evidence, eyewitness memories, photographs from the last days of the war, as well as unique historical background
information, the exhibition brings the visitor into the thick of the story of the beginning and the end of hostilities in Courland. It will also highlight the consequences of warfare today, where the evidence of WWII is not only history but also an everyday reality.

The exhibition is a collaboration of true professionals in their field - the content and historical concept was developed by historian Valdis Kuzmins, while the artistic and visual design was created
by artist Ieva Lapiņa.

Historical information:

In Reims, Germany the Third Reich signed its surrender to the Allies on 7 May 1945 at 02:41 CET.
The unconditional surrender took effect at 23:01 CET on 8 May 1945.

On the morning of 7 May 1945, Marshal Leonid Govorov, Commander of the Leningrad Frontsent an ultimatum to the leadership of Army Group Courland demanding that they lay down their arms and giving them 24 hours to reply.

On 8 May at 8.00 a.m. At 07.00 and 08.35 Moscow time, the Leningrad front headquarters received open-text radiograms informing that Army Group Kurzeme had accepted the surrender. The
negotiations, at which the Soviet side was represented by Colonel General Markian Popov, started at 18.00 and took place in Ezeres, in the customs house on the Latvian-Lithuanian border.

The document was signed at 22.05 on 8 May and stipulated the surrender procedure, the points for collecting weapons, the documents and information to be submitted and other practical measures.

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More about the project:

The "Latvia-Estonia Joint Military Heritage Tourism Product" ("Military Heritage") is implemented under the Interreg Estonia-Latvia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.
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