The Ukrainians have managed to seize the initiative in places, but the war will not end quickly - general

  • 2022-09-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Ukrainians, defending their country against the Russian invasion, have performed a miracle in a sense, because they have not only been able to maintain the defense of their nation, but also take the initiative in some places, National Guard Commander, Brigadier General Egils Lescinskis, told Latvian Television this morning.

According to the military official, the situation at the front is currently such that one can hope for greater success on the Ukrainian side.

Lescinskis, however, admitted that, unfortunately, the war will not end in a very short time and will continue for some time.

The general expressed the hope that with the support of allies and the effect of sanctions against Russia, Ukraine will be able to achieve the recovery of its territories.