The opening celebration of the European Capital of Culture brings culture ministers from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland to Tartu

  • 2024-01-25
  • The Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Tomorrow, on January 26th, at the invitation of the Estonian Minister of Culture Heidy Purga, culture ministers Agnese Logina from Latvia, Simonas Kairys from Lithuania, Sari Multala from Finland, and a delegation from the Ministry of Culture of Poland will come to Tartu for the opening celebration of the European Capital of Culture. Rostislav Karandeyev, Acting Minister of Culture of Ukraine, will also participate in the ministers' meeting via video.  

"Tartu becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2024 is a significant event not only for Estonia but also for our neighbors and close allies. Together with our colleagues, on the opening day of the cultural capital, we will discuss matters of international importance in culture – how to promote sustainability, foster quality culture, and safeguard our invaluable cultural heritage. The grand celebration in Southern Estonia, attracting people from around the world, offers an ideal platform for such discussions," said Minister of Culture Heidy Purga. 

Throughout the day, meetings will take place with various individuals, including Toomas Asser, the Rector of the University of Tartu, Urmas Klaas, the Mayor of Tartu, and Kuldar Leis, the director of Tartu 2024. 

During the day, the ministers will have several official discussions. The first will exchange cultural policy plans for the coming year and share experiences in developing creative economy and implementing a green shift in the cultural sector in their respective countries. The second discussion will focus on the protection of Ukraine's cultural heritage during the war, and ways to strengthen cooperation between the Baltic states, Finland, and Ukraine. The third discussion will involve members of the European Commission’s Estonian representation and will focus on Ukraine's journey to becoming a member of the European Union, exploring ways in which the Baltic states and Finland can assist Ukraine's cultural sector in this process.