The most remarkable season of the year has arrived. Why, you ask? Because of the Riga Security Forum 2021!

  • 2021-10-08
  • The Latvian Institute of International Affairs

As the world is changing, we are also adopting new methods to keep the security debate alive. And alongside this beautiful autumn season, the Riga Security forum 2021 and its podcast sessions have arrived.

Building on the experience of two successfully completed events, the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, together with its project partners, is continuing to expand the format by developing high-level discussions under the title "Riga Security Forum 2021". The project aims to gather key international policymakers, industry leaders, as well as military and civilian experts to discuss the events, trends, opportunities, and challenges that lie ahead for the international community.

Every week, from October until December, we will provide you with a brand new podcast session in audio and video format, both in English and in Latvian. The podcast session content will be divided into two levels: the so-called "traditional" or "conventional" security dimension and "unconventional" or "new" security challenges. We will mark the end of the podcast sessions on November 30 with high-level face-to-face closing discussions in Riga, Latvia.

Dear friends, get ready! Update your podcast apps, connect to the most powerful internet in town and follow the latest updates at or our social media accounts!

There will be many surprises this season!

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