The construction of the largest battery park in Continental Europe, located in Kiisa, has begun

  • 2024-06-26

Last week, the company Baltic Storage Platform started the construction of a 330 kV substation in Kiisa for the largest battery park complex in mainland Europe.

Baltic Storage Platform, a joint venture between the Estonian energy company Evecon, the French solar energy producer Corsica Sole, and the French investment fund Mirova, aims at building two battery storage parks in Estonia’s Harju County with a total capacity of 200 MW and a total production capacity of 400 MWh. The first park should be ready by the end of 2025 and the second one by 2026.

“The construction of the battery park complex in Kiisa began with the building of the substation by Connecto. Each location will have a battery park with a total capacity of 100 MW”, said Risto Virveste, project manager at Evecon. “The Kiisa 330 kV substation will be completed in the summer of 2025. By progressing with the construction work step-by-step and at the same time delivering and installing the necessary equipment for the new battery park, the entire Kiisa storage complex is expected to be completed in the second half of 2025.”

According to Risto Virveste, the upcoming battery parks are an important step forward in ensuring supply security, especially considering the upcoming disconnection of Estonia and other Baltic countries from the Russian energy system next year.

According to the CEO of Evecon, Karl Kull, this is a significant step for Estonian electric energy. It also allows us to prepare ourselves for the near future. Desynchronisation is essentially around the corner, he noted.

“For Connecto, this project is of significant importance. We are grateful for the opportunity and honour to participate in the construction of Estonia’s largest storage project, during which the Estonia team of Connecto will build Estonia’s first 330 kV AC cable line in addition to the connection point of the battery park at the Kiisa 330 kV substation,” said Tarmo Tee, manager of Connecto Estonia’s major electricity projects department.