Tax Board: Not all Estonian residents must file income tax return

  • 2020-02-05
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Tax and Customs Board has advised residents to check over before the period of filing of tax returns the use of their basic exemption last year, as it is possible that no income tax return is required from them. 

"No income tax return has to be filed by those whose income does not exceed 6,000 euros a year. Also by those who used their basic exemption in the established amount in the course of the year and who had no other income subject to declaration or expenses eligible for deduction," Evelyn Liivamagi, head of the department for taxes at the Tax and Customs Board, said in a press release.

When a person has no obligation to declare, but they wish to use deductions that expenditures on training and home loan interests are eligible for, among others, an income tax return has to be filed. Information about the expenditures eligible for deduction forwarded to the Tax and Customs Board can be seen from the beginning of the declaring period.

The cap on deductions, including home loan interests, training expenses, gifts and donations is 1,200 euros a year. The deductions must not exceed 50 percent of the person's income taxable in Estonia for the period in question.

The filing of income ta returns will start on Feb. 15 and the deadline for the submission of returns is April 30. The first refunds of income tax paid in excess of the required amount will be paid out on Feb. 26.