Spread of Covid-19 is not out of control in any of the Baltic countries - Perevoscikovs

  • 2020-09-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In all three Baltic countries, the origins of more than 80 percent of newly detected cases of Covid-19 have been found, which is positive, as it shows that the disease has not gone out of control, Jurijs Perevoscikovs, the director of the Disease Risk Analysis and Prevention Department at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), told LETA.

He said that in Lithuania and Estonia, 83-85 percent of Covid-19 cases are formed by "known chains", which can also be described as a success of epidemiological surveillance, because the investigation has found and investigated these foci by finding contacts.

This is a good indicator that the disease has not gone out of control, he said.

In comparison, in Latvia, 83 percent of detected Covid-19 cases have been revealed to be related to previously known cases. "The figure is good," he added.

"Currently, we can say that there is no uncontrolled mass spread within society in Lithuania or Estonia, but each newly discovered case increases the possibility that the disease may spread more widely in the near future," Perevoscikovs said.