Silen was awarded a certificate of conformity to the highest safety standard in US

  • 2020-03-12
  • TBT Staff

The SilenSpace product of the Estonian producer of silent pods, Silen OÜ, was awarded the US safety certificate UL 962, which certifies that the movable soundproof telephone booths and meeting rooms meet all the necessary safety requirements. Silen is the first company producing modular soundproof spaces in Europe and the third company in the US that was issued the safety certificate in question. 

Endrus Arge, head of Silen OÜ, says that holding the certificate is a strong sales argument on the US market. “Receiving the UL 962 certificate gives Silen a major advantage compared to competitors’ products because North American clients pay scrupulous attention to product safety. The certificate in question proves that our product has passed all the necessary tests and is safe and of the highest quality, so we could even offer our products to the White House if we wanted to,” Arge says with joy.

Soundproof modular telephone pods and meeting rooms SilenSpace aim to create a quiet space in public areas or open offices, where the overall environment is often quite noisy. The modules can be attached to one another and moved on wheels. Featuring a unique soundproof design, the modules are fitted with an air circulation system, LED lights and electrical sockets, providing all the conditions needed for a private phone call or a meeting.

SilenSpace products have been designed and produced with quality in mind from the very start. “Merely obtaining the certificate has never been a goal in itself. At the stage of making the first concept designs we already knew the product needed to be safe for people’s health. All the materials used are as environmentally friendly as possible, and the UL 962 certificate proves it to US clients,” Endrus Arge added.

UL 962 is the North American Standard for Safety for Household and Commercial Furnishings, which is recognised by all administrative agencies and is highly valued by buyers, distributors and insurance companies as a symbol of safety and quality. To receive the certificate, a product must undergo a range of tests for stability and mechanical strength, fire resistance, chemical composition of the materials and quality of electrical systems.  The tests proved that all the parts and materials of the SilenSpace product are safe, and its design meets all the necessary requirements. Moreover, in the process of certification Silen’s products were also subjected to ASTM E84 standard tests for surface burning, and the results allowed Class A fire rating to be assigned to SilenSpace silent pods, showing that the product is well resistant to fire.

Founded in 2018, Silen had originated with Wallenium, a partition wall manufacturer with long-term experience. The SilenSpace telephone booths and meeting rooms produced by Silen have by now found use in a number of large-scale companies in Estonia and beyond, including, for example, the offices of Bolt, Huawei, Lego, Volkswagen and Spotify. Focusing on export, the company has ambitious growth plans for the European and North American market of major corporations, which are likely to be greatly aided by it receiving the certificate.

Silen OÜ became one of the five nominees for the title of the Entrepreneur of the Year in Estonia to be awarded by Ernst & Young. The winner will be announced at the grand gala to be held in Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) on 12 March.