Service tariffs of natural gas distribution system will increase for all user groups from next year

  • 2022-12-15
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - On January 1 of next year, new service tariffs of JSC Gaso natural gas distribution system will come into force, the fixed part of which will increase by 22 percent for all users, while the increase of the variable part will depend on the consumption of natural gas, the Public Utilities Commission recognized today as compliant with the methodology.

The new tariffs will enter into force on January 1, 2023 and foresee changes in all user groups for the variable and fixed part, as well as the seasonal distribution tariff. The tariffs will be valid for the tariff period until December 31, 2023.

Changes in distribution service tariffs are related to a significant increase in the price of natural gas, as well as a significant drop in the amount of natural gas delivered to users.

Public Utilities Commission chairwoman Alda Ozola states that the rapid increase in the price of natural gas has affected Gaso, both by the increasing cost of its technological consumption and losses, and also by a decline in consumption. She states that the set of these factors meets the criteria that give Gaso the right to revise the tariffs and bring them closer to economically justified actual costs.

The fixed part of the tariffs or the connection fee for all user groups will increase by 22 percent, while the increase in the variable part of the tariffs is different for each consumption group, as it is affected by changes in the three-year average natural gas consumption of each tariff group. The changes will also affect seasonal tariff consumers who consume 85 percent of the natural gas volume in the period from May 1 to November 30.