Britain to leave EU's single market

LONDON - British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said Britain will leave the EU's single market in order to restrict immigration in a ...

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Lithuania and US sign agreement on status of US troops

VILNIUS - Lithuania and the United States signed on Tuesday an agreement on the status of US troops on Lithuanian territory. &...

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Expert: Development of the Baltics' defense capabilities will make Russia's possible aggression in the region more costly

RIGA - The only way to strengthen NATO's deterrence policy towards Russia is to help develop the defense capabilities of the Baltic states, ...

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European leaders warn Trump about Putin's plans and the consequences of lifting sanctions

RIGA - Various current and former European leaders and politicians have sent U.S. president-elect Donald Trump a letter, warning about the true ...

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Lithuania refuses to extradite former head of Georgia's anti-terrorism center to Russia

VILNIUS – Lithuanian prosecutors on Tuesday said they refused to extradite Zurab Maisuradze, former head of Georgia's anti-terrorism c...

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Government hears Rinkevics' annual report on Latvia's foreign affairs

RIGA - The government today heard Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics’ (Unity) annual report on the state of Latvia’s foreign affairs ...

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McCain: U.S. must stand up to Putin

TBILISI/KIEV - The United States could only improve its relations with Russia by taking a tough stance with President Putin, calling for stronge...

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Poland's Lithuanian minorities uncertain about ruling bloc's initiatives

VILNIUS - Members of the Lithuanian national minority residing in Poland say they are witnessing increasingly radical sentiments by Polish rulin...

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Unrest prevails as NATO moves in

RIGA - Recent events have cast the Baltic States in a new light, as a barrier between Russia and the West. NATO, especially U.S. involvement, ha...

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