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Russia’s Hold on the Baltics Loosens

SummaryLithuania has opened a floating liquid natural gas (LNG) i

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Latvia ruling coalition agrees to form new government

The three political parties that make up Latvia's ruling center-right coalition ag

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Estonia in mourning after pupil shoots and kills teacher in classroom

Tributes have been paid to a school teacher shot and killed by a pupil during class ti

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Russia ramping up ’provocative’ military actions around Baltic states, says NATO

Russia is stepping up its 'provocative' military actions around the Baltic sta

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Seven arrested in football match fixing claims in Latvia

Seven people have been arrested in Latvia over alleged match fixing claims in football

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Wake Up, Europe: George Soros on the Ukraine crisis and Russia

European leaders are failing to show adequate financial and military support for Ukrai

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VIDEO: KGB, Torture and Soviet Terror: Why Latvia Worries about Today’s Russia

A new NATO video looks inside the KGB prison where Latvians w

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Russia denies claims military jet violated Estonia airspace

Russia has denied claims one of its jets violated Estonian airspace earlier this week.

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Top travel site names Lithuania as must visit destination of 2015

Lithuania has been named a top travel destination in 2015 by leading travel website Lo

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Baltic leaders set for top roles in new European Parliament

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of Jean-Claude Juncker's new E

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