Ukraine: the seismic event that put the superpowers back into place

Those familiar with geophysics understand why seismology and continental drift are connected.

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GLOBSEC begins in Bratislava

GLOBSEC, an annual transatlantic security conference, is taking place in Bratislava, Slovakia,

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Ukraine needs a diplomatic, not military, solution

Brush aside both the Kremlin and Kiev propaganda machines: In a de-facto state of Cold War, bo

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The turmoil in the Ukraine: It’s about the language, stupid!

300 million in 1990.150 million in 2025.100 million in 2035.

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Price of land grab

NATO as Russia's immediate neighbor (A case for deterrence)NATO foreign minist

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Freedom from fear

Situated in the heart of New York City between the island of Manhattan and Long Island and wit

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to Messrs Putin, Obama, Cameron, Barroso, Rasmussen, et al

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Latvia’s unhealthy healthcare system

The Latvian government is working on one of the biggest healthcare reforms since the country g

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