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Same job, different pay

RIGA - A total of 57 percent of Latvian companies have laid off workers in the past year, acco

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No hope for a boost from the Euro

TALLINN - Many economists and fringe nationalists are skeptical about the effect of the euro o

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Food: Making an event memorable

Special events usually call for special foods. Hosts and their guests expect both appealing, v

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Catering business: people eat less but value quality

RIGA - There are hundreds of companies who offer catering services in Riga. Some of them are r

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The gloomy restaurant market brought out a bunch of innovative entrepreneurs

Klaipeda - While grumpy entrepreneurs’ beat about insane tax policies and business-cripp

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Vegetovascular dystonia, what is it?

If you easily turn pale or blush, you often experience dizziness, excessive sweating, very fas

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Autumn palette of ailments

Somehow, bad moods, accompanied by all sorts of psychoses, neuroses and depressions tend to ca

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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Director: Edgar WrightIf you’ve never heard the terms ‘boss figh

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Baltic Beauty 2010 time approaching Kipsala!

From Oct. 29 - 31, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will present the most inspiring and

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Victorian-era fashion

VILNIUS - The exhibition Fashion of the Victorian Era in the Vilnius Museum of Applied Art, wh

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