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Investors losing confidence in recovery

RIGA - Eastern European growth rates will remain subdued in the coming quarters as the recover

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Estonia considering new loans

TALLINN - In order to deal with the budget deficit, as well as for financing major investments

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Tax reserves in surplus

TALLINN - High unemployment insurance taxes have caused the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fu

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Trade balance worsens

RIGA - In July 2010, the current account surplus in Latvia’s balance of payments dropped

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Global rebounds boosts Latvia

RIGA - Latvia has been recovering from its economic crisis faster than previously planned for,

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Rising food prices expected

RIGA - A significant increase in food prices is expected in Latvia in the coming months, accor

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Fitch boosts Latvia’s rating

RIGA - Latvia’s credit rating outlook was raised to “stable” by Fitch Rating

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Top line numbers improving

TALLINN - In the 2nd quarter of 2010, net sales, costs and total profit for the Estonian busin

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Corner has been turned, says IMF

RIGA - The economic crisis in the Baltics, the region which suffered the European Union’

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Taxes to rise for Latvia, Lithuania

RIGA - Estonia is the only Baltic country where the government can promise residents that the

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