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Lithuanian government signs landmark agreement

VILNIUS 's The Lithuanian governmenthas signed a landmark agreeme

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Estonia considers eurovision pull-out

TALLINN - Anneli Toevere-Kaur, media relations manager at Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR), has sa

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Latvenergo Latvia's most valuable company

RIGA - A recent survey has found that Latvenergo is now the country's most valuable company.

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Estonia looks to euro in 2011

TALLINN 's Estonia has set its sightson adopting the euro in 2011 following an IMF report released

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The estate of horror

VILNIUS - On All Saints Day, Nov. 1, and All Souls Day, Nov. 2, Lithuanians visit cemeteries and com

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Nepotism: On and On and On

The next time that Oxford University revises its magisterial dictionary, I will propose that alongsi

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Inspiration is only the beginning of great work

Michael Wynne-Parker is a man of many accomplishments. He is currently chairman of Guild Travel and

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Estonia still on track for 2011 euro adoption

TALLINN - The IMF has urged Estonia to cut its 2010 budget deficit and aim for a longer-term fiscal

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Lost decade ahead as devaluation pressures mount

RIGA - In an effort to kick start Latvia's sputtering economy back to growth, the currency is set to

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Design excellence and good management are what clients now look for

TALLINN - Some architectural experts say that the Estonian architecture and design industry is quite

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