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Tallinn still a party town?

It is perhaps sad that you devote a whole page (issue 627) to Tallinn as a party town when in fact t

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Russia's western guise

Re: 'Spies Like Us' (Issue 625)Referring to the editorial placed in issue no. 625 wh

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The Lithuanian people are ready for change, and seem quite hopeful that the new ruling coalition, fo

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A Rabbi to remember

Rabbi Andrew Baker is the director of international Jewish affairs at the American Jewish Committee.

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View from the UN: UN Days and UNAs

NEW YORK -  There's no doubt about it, there was no better way to celebrate United Nations

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Vilnius at the back of the pack

VILNIUS - Vilnius lags far behind other cities in the Baltic Sea region in terms of its economic dev

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Bankers cautious despite good results

RIGA - The largest Nordic banks have raised concerns about the macroeconomic situation in the Baltic

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SHIPYARDS: A look at Estonia's top shipbuilders

TALLINN - Being a sea country, Estonia is certainly connected to everything dealing with the water.

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SHIPYARDS: Riding the wave of change

VILNIUS - Since 1991, the Lithuanian shipbuilding industry has gone from strength to strength, but h

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Ships Ahoy! From salt herrings to oil 's a look at Baltic shipping

With a key location between East and West and easy access to the Baltic Sea, shipping has traditiona

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