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The Expat would like to clarify, in reference to its Nov. 11 community photos page "Uniting East wit

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Michel Foucher on Riga and the Latvian desert

Mr. Michel Foucher has been the French Ambassador to Latvia since October 2002. His academic backgro

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A passport to success

RIGA - A look back at the graduates of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga shows that it has a

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A word with the Slovak ambassador

The Slovak Republic and Latvia have similar recent histories - both becoming independent states a

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German filmmaker sees Ventspils through new lense

It's a sad fact that few films get made in Latvia, and those that do mostly have a very limited shel

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Repatriate gives back to Latvia, his first home

Valters Nollendorfs was born 1931 in Riga. In 1944, at the age of 13, he fled Latvia with his family

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A taste of France

Walking into Cadets de Gascogne French bakery and you can just smell the butter in the air. Any past

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Finnish social workers bring art to Riga's crisis centers

With eager anticipation, Juulia Jurvanen makes her way up the concrete steps to Marsa Gatve, the cri

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New chamber of commerce makes helping Latvia a priority

With EU membership on the horizon, a growing number of foreign entities view Latvia, among other Eas

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Pastor explores what it means to be German

Characteristically, Martin Grahl doesn't look like a typical pastor, but rather a contemporary man w

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