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Tanker deal will sink shipping company, say critics

RIGA - After the Latvian Shipping Company this week took delivery of the first of three second-hand

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DISHING OUT DOUGH: Latvian government and World Bank representatives in Warsaw agreed Oct. 19 on con

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U.S.-Lithuanian investment accord set to go at last

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis and U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania John Tefft m

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New headaches for Mazeikiu Nafta's U.S. investor

VILNIUS - U.S. energy group Williams has run into new obstacles in its two-year effort to make a suc

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"Beggar mafia" runs into trouble

VILNIUS - There are arguably no more beggars in Vilnius than in any other European capital. But on O

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Truth about occupations demanded, crimes forgiven

VILNIUS - Most Lithuanians want to know the whole truth about the periods of Nazi and Soviet occupat

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State slowly stirs to stop dog attacks

RIGA - Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga promised on Oct. 23 to draft legislative changes to ho

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Illegal pork could be on your fork

RIGA - Mud was again being slung across the national stage this week after a Latvian MP claimed seni

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Election law plans delight and upset OSCE

TALLINN - The Estonian government on Oct. 23 officially passed a bill to abolish language proficienc

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Estonian scientist opens door to male contraceptive

TALLINN - Estonian microbiologist Mart Saarma, who heads the Institute of Biotechnology at the Unive

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