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ESVA fish fingers hook the Baltic market

TALLINN - ESVA Fish Production, the biggest fish finger producer in the Baltics, is an example of a

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Off the wire

BIGGER AND BETTER: The Estonian car rental company Balti Autoliising, a subsidiary of Hansa Capital,

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The fiscal deficit will grow next year

RIGA - The Latvian government has made another controversial financial decision, this time regarding

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Estonians to make aerated concrete for the Scandinavian market

TALLINN - Aeroc Ltd. is building an aerated concrete plant worth 70 million kroons ($3.88 million) i

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U.S. ratifies pact with Lithuania

VILNIUS (BNS) - The U.S. Senate has unanimously ratified a bilateral agreement with Lithuania on the

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Swedish generals get criticism over NATO statements

STOCKHOLM (BNS) - Negative statements by two Swedish generals on the prospects for the Baltic states

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Medical schools fight over merger

Last May Latvia's Constitutional Court approved a measure to merge the Medical Academy of Latvia wit

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LRT protests frozen bank accounts

VILNIUS (BNS) - Lithuania's public broadcasting company, the National Radio and Television or LRT, h

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Wallet stolen? Don't call the police

RIGA - After the theft of her passport, driver's license and car documents from her car Oct. 12 , TB

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'Smoking seriously damages health'

RIGA - The global arena has witnessed an increase in dislike toward smoking, and there's practically

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