Rural tourism businesses are prepared to become involved in providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees - association

  • 2022-03-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Rural tourism businesses are prepared to become involved in helping Ukrainian refugees by providing them accommodation as well as job opportunities, the rural tourism association Lauku Celotajs (Rural Traveler) told LETA today.

Rural tourism businesses are ready to offer accommodation in rooms and apartments in guest houses and holiday homes, where there are comfortable and private living conditions for refugee families, including bedrooms with beds, washrooms, kitchens where residents can cook for themselves.

Rural tourism accommodation is fully equipped with everything necessary, so people do not have to spend support funds for the purchase of mattresses, kitchen equipment, washing machines and other household items. Rural tourism entrepreneurs are also ready to provide catering services if necessary.

There is currently a shortage of staff in the guest accommodation and catering sector, so entrepreneurs can also offer job opportunities to Ukrainian refugees. The association points out that farmers and production companies in various sectors have also complained about the lack of labor. Thus, by accommodating Ukrainian refugees in rural areas, it is possible to create a mutually beneficial and dignified situation for Ukrainian refugees in terms of both employment and living conditions.

Representatives of the association also point out that successful solutions for cooperation with the private sector have been found in several municipalities, but there are places where entrepreneurs do not know where to apply to take in refugees or offer them job opportunities, so Lauku Celoajs calls for coordinated cooperation with the private business sector in the implementation of state aid for Ukrainian refugees.

Lauku Celotajs is a professional rural tourism association established in 1993.