Rinkevics would like to see more active NATO and EU preparations for the hybrid attacks by Russia on Ukraine

  • 2022-01-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The European Union (EU) and NATO must be more active in preparing for the scenario that Russia is carrying out hybrid attacks on Ukraine, rather than launching a classic war and full-scale invasion, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (New Unity) told Latvian Television this morning.

Rinkevics plans to point attention to the need to prepare more actively for the hybrid threats against Ukraine at the upcoming high-level meetings - both at the NATO meeting on Friday and at the meetings of the European Union foreign and defense ministers, which are also expected this month.

"We are talking about very harsh scenarios at the moment - a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a full-scale economic response through sanctions, but other scenarios are also possible - smaller-scale operations, various elements of a hybrid war, and that is where I think both NATO and the EU should work harder," said Rinkevics.

As reported, the United States and the West believe that Russia is possibly preparing another widescale attack on Ukraine.