Riga temporary administration adopts city's 2020 budget, earmarks EUR 13.87 million for dealing with Covid-19 crisis

  • 2020-04-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Riga city temporary administration adopted the city' 2020 budget and increased the reserve fund to EUR 13.87 million, LETA learned.

The budget revenue is projected at EUR 935.26 million, while expenditure - at EUR 1.040 billion. Most of the funds have been earmarked for the education sector.

Compared to the budget drafted by politicians earlier, expenditure has been cut by EUR 22.78 million, and revenue by EUR 5 million.

The administration has increased the reserve fund by EUR 8.8 million to EUR 13.87 million. The local government will be able to use this fund for dealing with consequences of the Covid-19 crisis and support to socially less protected residents.

As reported, at the beginning of this year, members of the Riga City Council, which was later dissolved, managed to push the draft 2020 budget though all committees, but due to political disagreements the adoption of the budget was never completed.

The temporary administration, which took over from the dismissed city council, promised to assess whether the local government can keep working for the following months with 1/12th of last year's budget and the adoption of the 2020 budget can be left to the next city council, or the budget has to be adopted now. 

At that time, snap municipal elections in Riga were planned for April 25, but now the government coalition intends to move the vote to September 5. Until now, all municipal institutions in Riga have been working with 1/12th of last year's budget.