Relocating Positivus Festival from Salacgriva to Riga will make festival more accessible, including foreign guests - Majors

  • 2021-11-16
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The relocation of the popular music and art festival Positivus from Salacgriva to Riga will make the event more accessible, including to foreign guests, the festival organizer Girts Majors said at a press conference today.

He noted that having the festival near the city has several benefits, such as access to the venue and accommodation. It will also be easier for foreign music lovers to decide whether to visit the festival, as it comes with the city as a tourist destination.

"It all has a whole different potential. These are the main reasons why we started thinking about it. If we want the festival to continue to grow and develop, the closer it gets to the big city, the greater the opportunities. In Europe, most well-known and famous festivals take place near cities, "said Majors.

Asked whether the format of the festival will remain the same as in Salacgriva, the organizer of the festival pointed out that some nuances will change. Positivus took place in Salacgriva as a 24-hour festival, but it will not be like this in Riga. According to Majors, it is planned that the night program of the festival will be held in different venues in the city.

"The main concerts will also take place on the big stage and end around midnight. But if we talk about life around these concerts, there will be things that will change in the coming years. We will have to experiment and see what the audience likes and what doesn't work so well. This adaptation allows the festival to be kept alive," said Majors, adding that these are two different formats of the event - an urban and outside the city festival.

Speaking about the program of the festival, the organizer of the event said that in a week Positivus will announce the first artists.