Rauno Mürk to become the head of the textile rental company Lindström Estonia

  • 2023-01-05

Starting this week, Rauno Mürk, with extensive experience in the financial sector, will manage the operations of Lindström, Estonia's leading textile services company. The current head of the unit, Kadrian Jaagund, continues to work in the management of the Finnish, Baltic, and Ukrainian regions of the group in the role of Baltic Vice President.

Mürk, who previously worked in various organizations in the financial sector, confirmed that he is looking forward to the opportunity to become part of the Lindström family and start implementing the company's mission.

"One of the many reasons that drew me to Lindström is precisely the opportunity to be part of a company and team that has sustainability at heart. Lindström wants to achieve more than simply ensuring a smoothly functioning service for the customers. Lindström's impressive achievements in the field of circular economy and active role in promoting the green revolution in the Estonian textile sector show that this organization has the ability to change the world. I am very proud that I have been entrusted with the opportunity to lead this ambitious team on its journey to the next exciting achievements," said Rauno Mürk.

According to the new CEO, Lindström's biggest challenges in the coming years are the continued improvement of the company's work processes and taking strong steps to achieve 100% recycling of textile products by 2025 and complete carbon neutrality by 2035. "Furthermore, the company is already very well prepared for the textile waste directive of the EU that will enter into force in 2025 - I am convinced that Lindström must start actively supporting this transition in the entire sector," said Rauno Mürk.

According to Kadrian Jaagund, the current CEO of Lindström OÜ, she is very happy to be able to hand over the baton to a determined and capable manager.

"I have been sitting on several chairs for the last few years - in the roles of the head of Estonia, the head of the Baltic region, and the area head of the region's healthcare sector. After Russia and Belarus left the group, we reorganized the regional distribution of the group. My role in the management of the region that includes Finland, the Baltics, and Ukraine is extremely inspiring for me, and now I can fully contribute to its profitable growth. I am happy to be able to hand over the role of Lindström Estonia team leader to a person who understands Lindström's DNA more than just a textile rental and maintenance service. Lindström's core value is caring - caring for our people, our customers, and our planet. Rauno has proven that he wants and is able to continue introducing this caring culture both in the company and in the wider sector," Jaagund affirmed.

Rauno Mürk has previously held various positions in the DNB banking group in Estonia, Norway, and Sweden and as a member of the board of the state-owned company AS KredEx Krediidikindlustus. Before joining Lindström, he managed the Estonian unit of SME Finance, the largest alternative financing company in the Baltics.

Lindström is a Finnish family business founded in 1848, which recently celebrated its 30th year of operation in Estonia. Lindström is a leading provider of work clothes, changing carpets, and other rental textile products in Estonia, whose services help ensure cleanliness in thousands of companies in the industrial, commercial and other sectors. Today, Lindström operates in Estonia in three units: Loo, Kohila, and Tartu.