Putin's statement about deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus poses no more threat than Russia's behavior in general - ambassador

  • 2023-03-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement about deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is nothing new, and it poses no more threat to us than Russia as a whole with its military aggression and war crimes committed in Ukraine, Latvian Ambassador to NATO Edgars Skuja said in an interview with Latvian Radio.

The ambassador emphasized that NATO has already heard the story of Russia's nuclear weapons before, and judging the situation in general, not only by verbal statements, there is no indication that the alliance should review the threat situation or take any response steps for deterrence.

He admitted that Russia's military aggression in Ukraine is currently the biggest challenge and threat to NATO, so the alliance is doing everything to increase its capabilities and ensure the so-called deterrence policy, so that no adversary would think of challenging the organization's members and test their defense capabilities in real life.

When asked whether this policy of deterrence really works in relation to Russia, Skuja answered in the affirmative, stressing that NATO is the strongest defense alliance in the world, and the decisions made within the organization in the near future will prove this even more clearly.

The ambassador also emphasized that NATO is undoubtedly able to protect itself "from the very first moment". Asked what else is needed to improve Latvia's defense capabilities, Skuja answered that these are anti-aircraft defense systems, and it is also necessary to strengthen coastal defense capabilities.

When asked if there is a feeling that NATO does not particularly listen to Latvia, Skuja answered in the negative, stressing that the alliance works very cohesively - like a family where everyone stands up for each other.