President Karis on Finland’s 105th anniversary: we can turn our unique proximity into a common strength to support all others

  • 2022-12-06

“I am convinced that Finland's journey to join NATO, which has started this year, will bring our countries even closer together and will secure our common home – Northern Europe – and the safety of our countries, which is especially important in these troubled times,” wrote President Alar Karis in a message to Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Finland, also expressing his joy at the close cooperation between Estonia and Finland.

President Karis emphasised that cooperation and neighbourliness between Estonia and Finland is characterised by a close relationship in all fields and that the two nations have always been united by their similar languages, culture, values and mindset. “Both Estonia and Finland are believers in education, and our future as countries and nations depends on academic accomplishments and a successful education policy,” wrote the Head of State.

The President of the Republic noted that both the war of aggression in Ukraine and global climate change have made us value even more the unique resources that we have been entrusted to protect in terms of climate and environment, as well as the safety, cleanliness and biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. “What we as Finno-Ugric peoples take so much for granted, ranging from clean groundwater and crisp air to immense forests that provide security, now needs more and more protection and care, which inspires us to seek smart and sustainable solutions together,” President Karis stressed.

He also highlighted the recently presented third report on future cooperation between Estonia and Finland, which concludes that the two countries can do more together than they could separately. “It is necessary to further deepen cooperation in areas that bind us together and to turn our unique proximity into a common source of strength from which we are able to provide support to those who need it,” wrote President Karis.