Preparation of schools for work in Covid-19 conditions can be assessed as very good - chairman of education committee

  • 2020-09-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The preparation of Latvian schools and the Ministry of Education and Science for work in the conditions of Covid-19 can be assessed as very good, such opinion was expressed to Latvian Radio by Arvils Aseradens (New Unity) today, Chairman of the Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee.

The politician acknowledged that only time would tell whether a successful preparatory phase would be followed by just as successful classroom phase, and it will be important how schools react in situation when one of the students is diagnosed with Covid-19. Until now, the virus has been diagnosed only at the Murjani Sports Gymnasium, but in summer conditions.

According to Aseradens, the ministry began preparing for the work of schools in in Covid-19 conditions very timely, and both government regulations and recommendations for work have been issued.

Asked to assess whether it was right to leave the decision on the organization of work in Covid-19 conditions to the schools themselves, the MP said that time would tell, but he thought that those on the ground had a better idea of the optimal solution to the various problems.

The head of the committee acknowledged that very difficult tasks have been set for schools this year, because the new curriculum must be introduced in the conditions of Covid-19.