Precautionary measures at educational, social and healthcare institutions introduced in all major Latvian cities

  • 2020-03-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Precautionary measures have been introduced at education, health and social care institutions, public transport across Latvia, as the Latvian Large Cities Association's public relations officer Kaspars Licitis informed LETA.

According to information collated by the association, social support institutions are in quarantine to protect clients from possible infection. Organization of public events has also been halted.

Four soup kitchens and six hot food outlets continue to operate in Riga, respecting all hygiene and safety requirements, said Licitis. Likewise, municipalities continue to provide social assistance and home care services observing the new precautionary measures.

Increased safety measures have also been introduced at municipal healthcare institutions in order to prevent patients and staff from getting infected with Covid-19. Personal protective equipment and disinfectants are provided there, and specialized personal protective equipment has been purchased for employees.

In all major cities of Latvia, university, school and vocational school students have switched to remote learning. Centralized exams for 12th-graders have been put off until mid-May. All hobby groups and sports practices have been put on hold.

The number of children going to preschools has also been limited significantly, as only those children may attend who cannot stay home with one or both of their parents.

Most municipal institutions and companies have limited the number of in-person visits, and most employees work remotely. In public transport, all vehicles are cleaned and disinfected, and all drivers have been issued masks and gloves, said Licitis.