Police working on special plan to keep the peace during May 9 events in Riga's Uzvaras Park

  • 2021-05-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The State Police in cooperation with Riga Municipal Police and other authorities are currently working on a special plan to keep the peace during the May 9 events at the monument to soviet liberators in Riga's Uzvaras Park, as the State Police informed LETA.

Taking into consideration the current epidemiological situation in Latvia, no public events may be organized in the country at the moment, which means that no events marking the victory over Nazi Germany may take place in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia on May 9.

Even though residents may place flowers individually at the monument in Uzvaras Park, they must leave the scene right after that. Access to the monument will be restricted.

The police will erect barriers in Uzvaras Park to prevent crowding on May 9. If any violations are ascertained and the police's instructions are disobeyed, penalties will be imposed, which range from EUR 10 to EUR 2,000 for private individuals and EUR 140 to EUR 5,000 for legal entities.

The police advise residents not to go to places where crowds are possible.