Our state administration is not modern enough and is more like a large municipality - Levits

  • 2020-02-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia's state administration is suited for a 20th-century country and is similar to a large local government in that it is not sufficiently complex and does not "cover" all areas, President Egils Levits told TV3 this morning.

"We are used to a political and governance system that is appropriate for a country in the 20th century. It is on a level of a large municipality. The modern state is very complicated with different institutions and different policies. I have to say that a number of policies are not covered on the political level," the president said.

He noted that in Latvia, for example, foreign or economic policy is defined, but not, for example, media policy. In the president's view, it would be the task of the government to consolidate a clear media policy that encompasses the whole information space in the broadest sense - both public and commercial media, as well as social networks.

According to the president, in order to achieve a more modern and qualitative state administration, there must be good legislation in place, but this can be achieved by introducing an independent institution that evaluates important draft laws - amendments to the Constitution, new laws and important amendments to existing legislation. To this end, Levits has previously expressed the need to form a National Council. "Such a National Counciol, of course, would not be able to make decision ... but it would work alongside the bill, and the Saeima would then be better able to assess whether it was acceptable or unacceptable, perhaps to include some proposals, or reject others,'' the president emphasized.