Origo Shopping Centre's electricity and heating bills are reduced by R8 Technologies' energy efficiency robot

  • 2023-04-14

Last year Origo Shopping Centre saved nearly EUR 150,000 on the energy it consumed – a cost reduction that it achieved thanks to its cooperation with the smart energy saving solution developed by R8 Technologies. Since May 2022 when Origo began its cooperation with R8 Technologies, the shopping centre's volume of carbon emissions has fallen by 288 tonnes.

The solution created by R8 Technologies – an Artificial Intelligence robot named Jenny – conducts energy consumption monitoring and automatically adapts energy consumption to data on temperature and air quality, etc. In Origo's case, Jenny has succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by 20% and heating consumption by 47% within the shopping centre's premises (from May to December 2022). This smart energy saving solution has enabled Origo to save EUR 146,489.

“We have gained a lot in the realm of energy efficient management – we can be confident that our energy consumption is being supervised and optimised in accordance with the requirements of our indoor climate. It is also significant that we can assess data on energy consumption and saving much faster, as well as keeping track of other climate measurements in the building,” comments Origo spokesman Juris Lipskis. 

From day to day, this solution created by R8 Technologies, which is intended for public buildings collates data on temperature, air quality and energy consumption. Artificial Intelligence makes changes to heating and ventilation systems in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Changes in the building's internal climate take place once every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Bearing in mind that Jenny does not use pre-calculated settings, the building's climate maintenance continually improves, with the comfort level exceeding 90% and the energy saving 25% on average. This resource control system ensures not only a frugal and environmentally friendly climate, but also the sustainability of technical resources.

In recent years, R8 Technologies has commenced active operations in all three Baltic States, as well as in 11 other countries in the vicinity of the Baltics. The volume of real estate managed by R8's Digital Operator currently exceeds two million square metres – mostly comprised of big shopping centres, office buildings and public sector buildings. These include shopping centres like Origo, Spice and Stockmann in Latvia, Ülemiste, Rocca al Mare, Viru and Kristiine in Estonia, as well as the hotel chain Radisson Blu, Skyon and Swedbank buildings in Tallinn. This extensive network of clients has enabled Jenny to improve her performance, drawing experience in various places and climatic conditions.

R8's smart energy savings device operates for the benefit of clients and the surrounding environment – if it were used throughout the world, CO2 emissions globally would fall by 1%–2%. According to R8 CEO Siim Täkker, “It is possible to achieve global CO2 emission targets with the help of technologies and engineering.” Overall, last year R8 clients reduced their CO2 emissions by 15 000 tonnes. The average energy saving was 20.2%, which ensured a financial benefit of EUR 7 million.

Using R8's technology, it is not necessary to make additional investments, install new equipment or undergo special training. The R8 system's fast and simple integration into buildings' climate management systems, crucial economic benefits and relevance of energy efficiency, make it one of the fastest growing companies in the field of real estate management.

R8 Technologies also offers the use of R8's virtual power plant, which can help to secure additional savings. By balancing the power grid in the frequency market and synchronising it with the digital operator, clients have the chance to save energy without losing a healthy indoor climate. In 2022, R8's virtual power station was connected to 18 buildings which consumed 650 MWh of energy for network balancing during the previous six months, which meant revenue of EUR 300,000 for clients during this period.