Opportunity for Estonian players to use innovative solutions of new gambling portal

  • 2021-01-07

The global pandemic has forced many areas of activity to face unprecedented difficulties. However, there are also areas less affected by travel bans and the obligation to stay at home. We live in a digital world, so let's talk about recently launched online gambling portal Casino SuperCasino. True, there are already many gambling portals on the Estonian market – how does the newcomer then stand out?

Forget the complicated registration process

It is a goal of SuperCasino to provide easy and accessible entertainment. This is done using the innovative PayNPlay system developed by the Swedish company Trustly. The aim of PayNPlay is to make the gaming experience smoother and faster while not making any compromises in terms of security. The player is able to notice the benefits of the new system from the very first moment.

It is usually required that you register and create an account, confirm e-mail addresses, provide documents and proofs; then you have to wait for approval from the customer service of the casino. PayNPlay has replaced all these steps with one – authentication through the bank. This simple action provides the casino with the minimum amount of data necessary to identify the player – this is enough.

An automatic virtual account is created after the first deposit. Access to the game account is provided the very same way – by authenticating with a bank link. This ensures security, proven identity and comfort. Due to the virtual gaming account and the bank account being already linked, the customer is provided with quick deposit and withdrawal options.

Elsewhere in Europe, many online casinos have already used the PayNPlay system for a long time, it has garnered positive feedback from both players and companies. Many European and Estonian online shops also use the services of Trustly, the company which provides support for the PayNPlay system.

What can be done at the casino?

Bettson Group has 55 years of experience and more than 20 gambling brands in its portfolio (online casino Betsafe Estonia and Betsafe Casino in Latvia). Thus, SupeCasino itself may be a new player on the market, but the online portal has been created employing years of experience. Unlike many other online casinos, SuperCasino does not have just one type of games. Of course, the casino has popular options such as slot games and live casino, but the online portal also has table and card games, as well as sports betting.

The sports betting selection is also really wide. In addition to traditional football and basketball betting, there is also a place for the new favourite sport of Estonians, rally –betting options are also available for lesser-known disciplines such as darts, snooker, cricket and various e-sports games, like Dota2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc!

Of course, there are also special LiveCasino offers. For example, new users are offered free spins and a casino bonus, as well as a welcome bonus. It is also possible to win gift cards, a hunting trip or a glorious weekend with a rented Tesla!

But why the Estonian market?

How easy or difficult it is to cope during the corona crisis is very much dependent on the decisions made by the state and the government. You may also wonder why one should enter the market with a new brand right now. On one hand, this is a logical development, as can be seen from the response provided by Kaido Ulejev, Head of Baltic Business Operations at the Swedish gambling giant Betsson Group: “Even in a small market, there are different customer segments and trying to use one brand to address them all, we will not address any of them properly. The idea of SuperCasino is to be a simple and accessible entertainment provider and to do so in the best possible way.”

He also highlights Estonia’s response to the corona crisis. Our southern neighbour, Latvia, decided to suspend all gambling activities during the emergency, however this has not been a decision that was very well thought out. “It would be very short-sighted to think that the Latvian people did not seek this entertainment from service providers of other countries. The state lost tax revenue, companies were put in a very difficult situation and, worst of all, the state created a situation where players were expelled from their own licenses,” explains Ulejev the outcomes of the seemingly simple decision.

Estonia’s sensible market regulation has also been of help. According to Ulejev, this is what has helped to attract large international companies here, unlike the neighbouring markets, where these companies operate far less. International companies bring many positives, which Ulejev points out as well: “The result is the creation of numerous high-paying jobs – online gaming companies are, in fact, IT and marketing companies which compete for people with both start-ups and leading companies in various sectors.”