Opening Russian schools in Latvia is ambassador's fantasy which has no legal grounds - Sadurskis

  • 2018-07-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The idea to set up Russian schools in Latvia is the Russian ambassador to Latvia Yevgeny Lukyanov’s fantasy which has no legal grounds, Latvian Education and Science Minister Karlis Sadurskis (Unity) said, commenting on the ambassador’s remarks that Moscow was considering opening of own Russian schools under its embassy and consulates in Latvia.

Criticizing the plan to make Latvia the only language of instruction also in ethnic minority schools, Lukyanov said that Russian authorities were considering measures in response to the language reform plan for Latvia’s minority schools. One of the ideas in his words is to open Russian schools under the Russian embassy and consulates in Latvia. Such schools would be run by the Russian Education Ministry and would not be subject to the local methodology, the ambassador said.

Sadurskis indicated that strengthening the role of the Latvian language in the national education system was Latvia’s internal matter. “Opening Russia’s schools in Latvia, however, is only Lukyanov’s fantasy which has no legal grounds,” the education minister said.

Representatives of the Latvian Education and Science Ministry explained that it is not possible to open a school in Latvia if its curriculum does not meet a number of government regulations. The curricula of international schools in Latvia have also been adapted to Latvia’s requirements concerning the language, etc. A private education institution also cannot be established if it does not comply with the aforementioned requirements, which among other things, include licensing and accreditation in accordance with Latvian laws.