Nordic and Baltic states must work together to implement European Green Deal - PM Karins

  • 2021-03-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Baltic and Nordic countries, which are united by common history, similar values and way of thinking, must work together to implement the European Green Deal, Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) said in his address to the Nordic-Baltic business forum Wednesday. 

In Karins' words, this must be done because, in addition to causing major social and economic challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic has also provided opportunities for an economic transformation, based on sustainable growth and environmentally-friendly and green technological development. 

Today, the whole world is experiencing a major crisis. A crisis like we have never seen in our lives and have only read about in books. It has brought about huge challenges to our societies and economies, but at the same time, it has created opportunities for economic transformation, based on green growth, Karins said in the forum which took place via videolink. 

The Latvian prime minister mentioned energy as an example - countries around the Baltic Sea use various kinds of energy sources , with renewables making up a substantial proportion in many countries, while others still rely on fossil fuels. 

It is essential, Karins said, that most Nordic and Baltic states regard renewable energy as one of the region's development priorities. The Nordic and Baltic countries also have common understanding of a free market economy, its openness to innovation and competition.

In Karins' words, Latvia is a place with great development opportunities, and international corporations are welcome to invest and do business in Latvia. "Latvia is home to many capable, smart and talented people," Karins said, noting that from the ashes of Soviet industry, companies have risen in Latvia like Phoenixes to successfully compete in global markets with their products and services. 

The Nordic Baltic business forum, focusing on the Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal and Green transition in Latvia, is taking place on Wednesday.

The event is organized by four Nordic Chambers of Commerce (Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish) with the support of Nordic Embassies and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia.