Nordecon handed over the new study building of the Academy of Security Sciences to the client

  • 2019-02-22
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN - Yesterday, February 21, Nordecon handed over to the Academy of Security Services a new study building in Tallinn, Kase Street 61. The concrete and glass building of more than 12,000 square meters is three times more economical than the old study building and offers a modern and functional environment for internal security education. The formal opening of the new building takes place today, on 22 February.

"Almost all Estonian universities have a new building or even several of them; the possibilities of the Academy of Security Sciences that been waiting for its new house for a long time to provide a more qualitative and multifaceted internal security education are now improving significantly,” said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS. “The construction of the building of the Academy of Security Sciences was very exciting for the Nordecon team: it is a very large complex consisting of parts with diverse functions that take into account the special features of the education provided at the Academy.  Every corner - and there are 76 of them in this building! - offered us unique experiences.  The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is of an irreplaceable value for Estonia, and now the cadets studying here have finally the opportunities to acquire an education that meet the requirements of the 21st century. ”

The parts of the building of the Academy of Security Sciences are offset in respect to each other, for example, next to the 12-meter high lobby, there are a library and large auditoriums. The largest of these, the 230-seat hall, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, can also be used as a conference room. The separate parts of the building accommodate an indoor shooting range, a virtual simulation center, a fire safety laboratory, a prison simulation environment and other study-specific specialty rooms, a sports complex with a gym and a large ball court, various gyms, fitness halls, offices and lecture rooms, as well as a border guard training room.

The author of the architectural design is the architectural firm Arhitekt11. The gross surface area of the three ground-floor building is 12,069 m2. The building is heated with geothermal ground heating, according to the calculation, the energy use will decrease three times compared to the old building. The total cost of the building was 19 million euros; the project was funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund ASTRA.

In 2019, Nordecon celebrates its 30th anniversary. The experience and professional operation of three decades have made Nordecon one of the largest design and construction companies in Estonia, offering high quality and complex services for construction of commercial, industrial and non-residential buildings as well as infrastructure: roads, utility networks, landfills, and port facilities.  Nordecon has built homes for nearly 1,000 families as its own development. In addition to Estonia, the Group also operates in Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine. In Sweden, the company provides mainly construction services for residential and non-residential buildings. In Ukraine, Nordecon operates in the field of general contracting and project management for private customers. The Group's operations in the Finnish market have  so far focused mainly on subcontracting of concrete work, but based on the experience of the past years, preparatory work is started to expand the operation also to the main contractor market. 

The parent company Nordecon AS Group ( is registered and is based in Tallinn, Estonia. The Group's subsidiaries are Eston Ehitus AS, Eurocon Ukraine TOV, SWENCN AB, Kaurits OÜ, Nordecon Betoon OÜ (trademark NOBE), Nobe Rakennus OY and Tariston AS. The Group's consolidated revenue for 2017 was 231 million euros. As of 18 May 2006, the shares of the parent company are listed on the main list of the NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Exchange.