Nordecon and the Road Administration have signed an agreement: for the reconstruction of the Vinso-Kirmsi section on the Võru-Räpina road

  • 2019-11-25
  • TBT Staff

AS Nordecon and the Estonian Road Administration entered into an agreement for the reconstruction of the Vinso-Kirms section, 26.0-35.1 km from Võru-Räpina (road No. 65). The cost of the work is EUR 3,86 million, VAT will be added to the price.

“We have already replaced pavement on heavily trafficked roads everywhere in Estonia and the time has come for roads with less traffic where the state has begun rehabilitation work - it is very important that the level of road safety on the secondary roads also increases. As a result of the reconstruction of the Vinso-Kirmsi section of the road, 9.1 km of traffic will improve both the driving comfort and the level of road safety by next autumn,” said Ando Voogma, Member of the Board of Nordecon AS. “For everyone who this road is on a daily route, or who just goes there for the summer, for example, please be aware that constant traffic changes are expected in the coming period. We rely on the understanding of the road users and ask them to follow the traffic signs."

Work will begin on the 9.1 km section of the main road No 65 in Räpina rural municipality, Põlva county. As a result of the reconstruction of the basic road, the approximately 5.4 kilometres of the Akste - Häätaru secondary road in Põlva rural municipality will also receive dust-free pavement. Construction work must be completed by the end of 2020.

Within the framework of the contract, the existing pavement on the Vinso-Kirmsi section will be removed, the excavation and filling work necessary for the longitudinal profile and layout will be carried out, on which the drainage layer, technological rubble layer, stabilized pavement, and designed asphalt layers will be built. Drainage, stormwater pipelines, and culverts will be constructed to better drain the water. Chicanes with street lighting will be set up to calm traffic in Viluste and Veriora.

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