Cabinet endorses plan for Estonian language development

  • 2004-08-05
  • By The Baltic Times
TALLINN – The government on Thursday gave the green light to a strategic development plan for the Estonian language whose primary goal will be to secure wide use of the language.

In the words of Education and Science Minister Toivo Maimets, the program, which was worked out for six years, seeks to guarantee that Estonian has sufficient vocabulary for any important sphere of life, ranging from the arts and philosophy to exact sciences and information technology.
The objective of the language development strategy is to create conditions enabling Estonian to serve as the principal means of communication in a modern, high-tech, multinational society like one in Estonia.
It is important for Estonian to be speedily applied in the new, information technology-based consumer technology, Maimets said.
The document sets guidelines for state activity in developing the language in 2004 – 2010.