Muizniece's priority as education minister will be to ensure a return to face-to-face learning for all pupils

  • 2021-06-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The main priority of the likely future Minister of Education and Science Anita Muizniece (New Conservative Party) when taking office will be to "do everything possible" for all students to return to face-to-face studies on September 1.

As the politician told Latvian Radio this morning, in the coming month, the Ministry of Education and Science should develop precise scenarios and define actions in different situations so as not to repeat the situation of the previous school year, when a large number of students studied remotely for a very long period of time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Muizniece also mentioned work on raising teachers' salaries as another priority.

In general, the incoming minister does not promise any huge reforms in the work of the Ministry of Education and Science, and she will be more of a successor, because there are many things that have been started and must be continued in the sector.

Asked why Ilga Suplinska (New Conservative Party) had to be replaced as minister, Muizniece said that she could only repeat what the leader of the New Conservative Party Janis Bordans said, that the changes were the result of an agreement between coalition parties.

According to Muizniece, there are times when, feeling the waves of society, it is necessary to come up with some restart proposals, and the change of ministers is an opportunity for the government to restart and bring in some fresh winds.

Muizniece said that she had made the decision to assume the position of a minister quite easily, because she believes that, based on her previous experience in the field of education, she would be able to perform the necessary duties.

As reported, Saeima today will vote on confirming Marija Golubeva (For Development), Gatis Eglitis (New Conservative Party), Janis Vitenbergs (National Alliance) and Muizniece for ministerial posts.

The New Conservative Party on Wednesday decided to recall Ilga Suplinska as education and science minister and replace her with Muizniece. In a press conference, New Conservative Party leader Janis Bordans did not explain why the decision was made to replace Suplinska, but said that this was being done ''in the public's interest''.