More Than Half of Latvian Spend Up to Two Hours Per Week Cleaning Their Home

  • 2019-01-29
  • TBT Staff

RIGA - Over half of Latvian residents spend up to two hours per week cleaning their home, significantly less time than in other countries around the world, according to a survey by Snapshot* commissioned by Maxima Latvija.

“The relatively short amount of time that Latvians spend on housekeeping could be explained by the fact that a large proportion still lives in small apartments. Eurostat figures show that this applies to 66% of residents. However, the results of the survey do not support this conclusion. Although slightly more of those who spend five or more hours on housekeeping live in private houses, a majority, or 54%, only spend up to two hours cleaning. This shows how busy people’s everyday lives are and how little time they have to complete their many housekeeping tasks,” comments Zane Kaktina, Head of Business Analytics at Maxima Latvija.  

For example, a survey last year in America showed that most people, or 28%, dedicate seven or more hours to housework. Among Latvian inhabitants, 54% spend up to two hours on housekeeping, a quarter cleans their house for 3-4 hours per week, 14% manages on under one hour per week, 8% dedicate 5-6 hours to housekeeping tasks, but only 5% clean the house for more than seven hours.

The tasks completed significantly more rarely than Americans and even other Europeans include cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning electronic devices. The task completed most often by Latvian residents is washing the dishes. Sweeping the floors is in second place, with more than 75% of inhabitants doing this once per week while laundry is done at least once per week by 66% of people.