LIVESTREAM:“Containment or Reengagement: The Future of Relations Between Russia and the West”

  • 2015-04-10
  • Richard Martyn-Hemphill

On April 10 the Latvian Institute of International Affairs in cooperation with its partners is organizing a public discussion “Containment or Reengagement: The Future of Relations Between Russia and the West”. The event is taking place at 16:00, at the Museum of History of Riga and Navigation (Riga, Palasta iela 4, Column Hall).

For many, the crisis in Ukraine has changed their view on the international situation. Increasing polarization on the global arena has been compared to the Cold War. 

In order to avoid escalation or further conflicts, all sides will need eventually to decide on effective long-term foreign and security policies regarding each other. Will there be an attempt to reengage or will it be merely a strategy of containment? Which option is more valid to maintain world peace and post-World War II values?

These and similar issues will be discussed by prominent experts Prof. Dr. Janos Martonyi (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary), 
Dr. Ian Kearns (Co-founder and Director, European Leadership Network), Dr. Margarita Šešelgytė (Associate Professor, Studies Director, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, Lithuania), Dr. Igor Yurgens (President, All Russia Insurance Association) and Mr. Karsten Voigt (Board member of the German Council on Foreign Relations and Atlantik-Brücke).
The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Kārlis Bukovskis (Deputy Director, Latvian Institute of International Affairs).