Lithuanian residents to be offered EUR 1,000 for less polluting cars as of Nov

  • 2019-10-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian residents will be able to ask for 1,000 euros in compensation when changing their old car for a less polluting.

The relevant order has been signed by Environment Minister Kestutis Mazeika, his spokesman Justas Jaskonis told BNS Lithuania.

Only natural persons who have used a more polluting car for at least 12 past months will be eligible for such compensation. Their new cars' CO2 emission should not exceed 130 grams per kilometer, they will have to be first-registered in the EU after Jan 1, 2013 and powered by petrol, gas, ethanol or electricity.

30 million euros are planned for such payments by 2021, based on the National Air Pollution plan endorsed by the Lithuanian government in April.

The Environment Ministry has also proposed introducing a car pollution tax as of next year, directly linking it to the amount of emitted CO2. The tax would range from several dozen to 1,400 euros. Diesel cars would be taxed considerably more than petrol ones.