Levits asks Karins to continue in-depth talks on forming Latvia's next government coalition

  • 2022-10-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - President Egils Levits has asked New Unity leader and incumbent Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins to continue in-depth talks with political parties on forming a coalition in the 14th Saeima, the president told journalists following a meeting with Karins on Monday.

It is paramount to agree on the would-be coalition's principles and key tasks, Levits said.

The coalition formation talks will show whether Latvia's next coalition will consist of three or four parties, it follows from the president's remarks.

Before putting together the the coalition, the potential partners must first discuss the principles of the would-be government's policies, Levits said. 

First of all, the parties must engage in talks on topics and areas that will be essential in forming the government's policies, as well as on the would-be coalition's working plan, Levits said. It will become clear in the course of these talks which parties are most likely to reach agreements and cooperate. 

Karins said that the second round of the coalition talks will continue this week on an individual basis with the United List, National Alliance and the Progressives. 

Karins underlined that in-depth talks are needed to figure out what each party means by economic growth, foreign and domestic policy objectives and other important matters. 

The schedule of the talks will be announced Tuesday, October 11.

On October 3, President Egils Levits authorized Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) to start negotiations with political parties on forming Latvia's next government coalition.

As the process of coalition building progresses, the role of the Progressives in the 14rth Saeima still remains unclear.

Karins has said that he would prefer to form a broader coalition, in which his New Unity party would team up with the United List, National Alliance and also the Progressives. He also stressed that he did not see any unsurmountable contractions that would prevent the four potential partners from forming a coalition.

However, both the United List and the National Alliance have been arguing in favor of a three-way coalition without the Progressives, which they regard as too liberal and leftist.

As reported, New Unity achieved the best result in last Saturday's parliamentary elections by winning 26 mandates in the 14th Saeima. The Union of Greens and Farmers follows with 16, United List with 15, National Alliance with 13, For Stability with 11, Progressives with 10 and Latvia First with nine mandates.